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Weekends in Rotterdam is founded by two local Rotterdammers: Mathilde Simon and Lisanne van Beurden. We met during our Bachelor Degree at Erasmus University and have stayed friends ever since. During our studies we already talked about starting an online magazine together, but never pursued it. As we went into our twenties, we realized more and more how fond we are of our own city and soon enough Weekends in Rotterdam was born.

Below you can learn more about us. We have both written a piece about each other. The ultimate test to see how well we know each other… 

Team Weekends in Rotterdam

Mathilde Simon

Mathilde is a person you can always count on, whether she is your friend or co-worker. She is honest, direct and very hard working. I’ve worked with Mathilde one on one together countless of times during our studies at the Erasmus University and University of Amsterdam, and she is the type of person that makes you realise that everything is going to be okay.

Born and raised in Rotterdam, Mathilde has a real love for her hometown. She is a big foodie with a preference for healthy options, so among her favorite hotspots in Rotterdam are Mr. Salad, SUE and New Fork. Next to hanging out with her friends, working out, eating and travelling, she is a girl with real ambition.

I don’t know how she does it, but working for Weekends in Rotterdam is not the only thing she does. She also works four days a week at Made in Rotterdam, where she is part of the new Recht uit Rotterdam internet broadcaster. Her passion for her work is infectious and even though she is always juggling multiple projects, she does with a smile as if it’s nothing.

Be sure to also follow Mathilde’s vlogs for Recht uit Rotterdam called HOTSPOTTERS!

Lisanne van Beurden

If I have to describe Lisanne, the words that come to mind are kind, understanding, good with people, smart and above all ambitious. I have known Lisanne for 6 years now and from the moment we met, we have shared the same vision on many things. In our study we worked really well together and I’ve seen how she was always capable of putting her dreams into reality. A characteristic I admire in her.

After our studies at Erasmus University and the University of Amsterdam (UVA), Lisanne wanted to travel. And that’s what she did! For a year and a half, she has travelled the world with her backpack and her boyfriend. Fortunately, she kept us and the rest of the world up to date about her adventures through her travel blog Chapter Travel, which has become a successful website and Instagram. Once back in her beloved Rotterdam, she could not sit still and we soon started a new adventure: Weekends in Rotterdam.

Lisanne works full time at Chapter Travel and Weekends in Rotterdam. In addition, she likes to enjoy dinner & drinks with her friends, scores beautiful vintage items in the city, loves healthy (and delicious) food and does fun things with her boyfriend, sister and nephew.

Guestbloggers Weekends in Rotterdam

Meet our guestbloggers! Submit your articles if you’re interested in becoming a guestblogger too!

Olivia De Beukelaer

Olivia used to live in London, where she worked as an editor for visitlondon.com (London’s official tourism website). Now, she lives in Rotterdam as a Digital Communications Specialist for MetrixLab, a market research agency based in the city. She explores her new home by writing blogs and reviews for Weekends in Rotterdam about various hotspots in the city. When she’s not writing, she enjoys eating out, cheerleading and travelling. Follow her Rotterdam adventures on Instagram @olivia.in.rotterdam.

Evelien van Beurden

Evelien is a mom who lives and works as a physical therapist in Rotterdam. She is happily married with Urwin and has a 2,5 year old son, who was born extremely premature at 24 weeks gestation. Every month she blogs for Weekends in Rotterdam about living and working in Rotterdam, and she share all the fun and energy this city brings her. Follow her adventures on Instagram @eefvanbird.

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