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Learn more about the team behind Weekends in Rotterdam! The blog was founded in 2017 by two local Rotterdammers: Mathilde Simon & Lisanne van Beurden. Both of them have a big heart for their city and decided to share useful info and inspire people to visit Rotterdam. But of course they can’t do all the work ourselves! That’s why they have a great team of bloggers that help them create great content about the best hotspots, hotels, events and activities in Rotterdam.

Team Weekends in Rotterdam

Mathilde Simon | Founder

Next to sharing her love for her city at Weekends in Rotterdam, Mathilde works at Recht uit Rotterdam, the internet broadcaster about Rotterdam. She is a big foodie with a preference for healthy options, so among her favorite hotspots in Rotterdam are Mr. Salad, SUE and New Fork. Next to hanging out with her friends, working out, eating and travelling, she is a girl with real ambition. 

Lisanne van Beurden | Founder

Next to Weekends in Rotterdam, Lisanne is freelancer and works for Recht uit Rotterdam and her own travel blog Chapter Travel. Writing is her passion and becoming a writer is her ultimate dream. In addition, she likes to enjoy dinner & drinks with her friends, scores beautiful vintage items in the city and loves trying healthy (and delicious) food at hotspots in Rotterdam. 

Olivia De Beukelaer | Blogger

Olivia used to live in London, where she worked as an editor for visitlondon.com (London’s official tourism website). Now, she lives in Rotterdam as a Digital Communications Specialist for MetrixLab, a market research agency based in the city. She explores her new home by writing blogs and reviews for Weekends in Rotterdam about various hotspots in the city. When she’s not writing, she enjoys eating out, cheerleading and travelling. Follow her Rotterdam adventures on Instagram @olivia.in.rotterdam.

Julia den Outer | Blogger

Julia is in love with Rotterdam: she loves the little streets, the parks, the coffeebars and the crazy people that live here. You can find her at the bar with a beer or dancing till the early hours. When she’s being more serious, Julia is interested in the arts and likes to philosophize about life during a coffee break.

On Weekends in Rotterdam Julia will share various tips for your time in Rotterdam by writing reviews and other useful articles! 

Marije van Horik | Blogger

Marije works at the Kunsthal Rotterdam where she has the opportunity to show the diversity that Rotterdam has to offer by programming cultural events. Her favourite place is the Blaak Market, she loves to go to the movies, enjoys good wine and cheese and exploring our beautiful city.

For some Rotterdam might feel like a grey, cold, harbor city. Marije’s aim is to show that this could be nothing further from the truth. The city might be grey on the outside but very welcoming on the inside. Every month she blogs for Weekends in Rotterdam about the hidden gems that Rotterdam has to offer!

Evelien van Beurden | Blogger

Evelien is a mom who lives and works as a physical therapist in Rotterdam. She is happily married with Urwin and has a 3 year old son, who was born extremely premature at 24 weeks gestation. Every month she blogs for Weekends in Rotterdam about being a mom living and working in Rotterdam, and she share all the fun and energy this city brings her.

Follow her adventures with her family and friends on Instagram @eefvanbird.

Shelley Barendregt | Brand Relations Manager

Shelley works at Health platform Fitgirlcode as the Brand Relations Manager and takes care of all collaborations with brands there. She also does this for Weekends in Rotterdam: so she is the one who arranges the best give-aways and reviews for you. In addition, she has her own company Hashtag Lifegoals. She loves to cook and try new (healthy) recipes, but has an even greater love for cheese and wine. She prefers to go all restaurants, coffee shops and hidden gems in the city. Rotterdam is her home and has a special place in her heart.

Are you interested to join our team of bloggers? Check out this page for more information. Do you have any other ways you think you can contribute to our website? Please fill in the form via our contact page and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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